Governance & Digital Security

GovLab contributes to good governance by accelerating the application of innovative technology to bridge the gap between the government and its citizens.

We also believe that the digital age has brought immense gains to the African continent. In the same vein, we are seeing new threats to the use of technology to bring prosperity to the continent. In working to mitigate the risks of the digital age, the practice works with a host of actors to develop and implement innovative methodology and approaches to online safety.

Advancing Good Governance Through Technology

Working to increase civic participation in elections and support the government to provide services in a more efficient and inclusive way to its citizens.

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The media and digital technology are playing a critical role in holding governments accountable all over the African continent. More connected societies are driving conversations that are bringing government responsiveness, transparency and social accountability to the fore of our collective consciousness. We believe in the use of innovative methodology to create opportunities for governments to provide better service and fulfill their social contracts.

Growing internet penetration across the continent has brought devices into many homes and businesses in both a personal and business capacity. This has exposed people to threats such as like cybercrime, state/ non-state surveillance, hacking, breaches of privacy and online fraud. We leverage technology and innovation to solve the most pressing online safety concerns for the most vulnerable groups and safeguard the online space for all Africans.

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