Since 2011, CcHUB has supported the growth of a community passionate about the role of technology in transforming Nigeria. We have seen from experience that there are lots of people and organizations interested in the application of technology to solve local problems and our goal is to continue to unearth such individuals/companies and to support them to bring their ideas/products to life.

One of the ways we have done this is through the programs in our incubation unit. To date, over ninety (90) ideas and companies have benefited from our support.

Over 50+ advisors, mentors and facilitators contributed to our various programs this year. Find out more about them here.


It is a 6-month program to support aspiring entrepreneurs to build and launch initial prototypes of their tech-enabled solutions to clearly defined problems in society. The goal is to validate the idea and product/market fit. The program comes with a cash investment of $5,000, mentoring from the management team and hands-on support from our Product development team.
  • Innovative idea that leverages web or mobile technology to solve a problem/issue
  • Idea must improve on an existing process/solution or be completely new i.e. hasnโ€™t been done locally
  • Adequately researched problem with a clear picture of the target segment it affects
  • Team should have skills to build the solution (or have access to technical skills)
  • Full-time commitment for 6 months spent building the solution and conduct market validation to understand your potential users?
  • Team must have at least one full-time member and a maximum of 3 team members


This is a 12-month program focused on helping ventures with some level of traction & revenue to build businesses that can grow into global sustainable companies. Startups will access up to $25k during the program and have direct access to follow-on funding of up to $250k from Growth Capital, free office space for the team, free credits for partner products, business support and access to a network of partners and more. To be eligible to apply, startups must meet the following criteria:
  • Have a revenue model and be generating revenue.
  • Have a functional product that leverages technology.
  • Have gained Users/customers. Been in operations (since launch date) for at least 6 months.
  • Have a management team consisting of up to 3 members which include a technical lead and founder(s) that are fully committed to the business.
  • Have the potential to scale.
This program is open to founders looking to grow their business in Africa, particularly Nigeria. Startups will have to be based in our incubation space in Lagos, Nigeria for the duration of the program.


Accelerators are 12-week programs designed to help startups refine their products, business model and processes, positioning them for sustained growth. With a core focus on product development, financial management, investment readiness and business modeling, accelerators are designed to be flexible and provide support based on the individual needs of the startup. Our accelerators are fast-paced and execution driven, with a priority focus on founders applying learnings to their startups in real time. Startups in our Accelerator programs get access to:
  • One-on-one sessions with our internal experts at CcHUB
  • Coaching sessions with leading industry experts
  • Free credits from partner products
  • Access to mentors
  • Access to partners and networks
Find information about some of our past acceleration programs here We've implemented accelerator programs for international and local partners, graduating 40+ active startups which have gone on to create over 500+ jobs. Some of our previous and existing partners include NOKIA, Intel, Enviu, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, GIZ and Endeva. Interested in running an accelerator for your organisation? Contact us here

CcHUB partners with Google for Startups to help our startup community thrive. Google for Startups is a global network that connects international startup communities with the best of Google's resources and programmes.

You'll learn from and meet with people across different skills, industries, and geographies, and gain access to global programs, events, and a network of spaces, where entrepreneurs can go to learn, connect, and build companies that will change the world

Keypetbooks is a financial services firm that uses technology to provide outsourced accounting services to early-stage start-ups and small businesses and help them make better financial projections and drive informed long-term financial decisions.


Lucy and partners (Nig) Ltd is a multi-niche e-commerce platform for branded merchandise.


SEMSEY produces skincare products created from scratch with sustainable processes and safe raw materials sourced from the African continent.


WHISPA is a mobile app developed by a group of health and technology professionals based in Nigeria as a solution to improve young peopleโ€™s access to sexual and reproductive health information, products, and services.


Fichaya provides cleaning services to homes and offices powered by technology. Their platform provides process automation to securely book monthly cleaning subscriptions for homes and offices.

Cleaning Services

HerVest is a financial inclusion technology start-up that provides low-interest financing to female small-holder farmers on specific crops, grain banking, livestock, and provision of digitized e-extension services to female small-scale farmers.


Ndovu is a micro-investment platform that provides easy access to African financial markets.


OneHealthNg is a telehealth company that digitizes pharmacare, leveraging technology to provide quality drugs that are accessible and affordable, and allowing them to remotely manage their patientโ€™s healthcare.


Inuka is a digital wellbeing platform that organizations can use to connect their employees to certified mental health coaches for mental and emotional support.


Marble Stitches provides digital and physical tailoring Services for men and women, delivered swiftly, and at pocket-friendly prices.


Happy Coffee is a Nigerian homegrown coffee brand building a coffee culture while designing Happy Coffee centered coffee experience through their pop-up cafes, mobile cafe(Coffee catering services and retail of Nigerian Coffee blend.

Food & Beverage / Agri-Business

It’s a web platform, that enables underserved Small Businesses to sell online and solve inefficiencies in their supply chain, inventory, and record keeping.


Secvate Solutions is a technology solutions company that specializes in providing customized software solutions, cybersecurity consultancy, and data analytics services to MSMEs in Medical, Real Estate, and Micro Finance Industries in Africa.

Cyber Security

Agrorite is the technology solution that connects the farmers to high-impact social financing, credits, advisory, access to finance, and premium markets for maximum productivity.


XY Analytics is dedicated to using machine learning techniques to facilitate the digital transformation of livestock farming.


An Agritech innovation company leveraging technology that helps farmers, corporates and industries make better agribusiness decisions through data-driven advisory services on improving crop yield and market linkages.


DmmHehe is driven with a mission to help Africans live a life of abundance by creating a perfect market through optimizing supply chains to match demand and supply.


Crop2Cash is making formal financing accessible to smallholder farmers.


AgriEdge is an integrated digital platform using the richness of data from satellites and the power of hybrid models, combining AI and agronomic knowledge, to help farmers rationalize their cost, improve significantly and develop sustainable agriculture.


Curacel provides a claims automation engine for health insurers to streamline and automate claims processes, reducing claims cycle time and improves the provider claims experience with artificial intelligence (AI-assisted clinical vetting), which can integrate with legacy systems.


Chekkit is a blockchain-powered anti-counterfeiting and consumer intelligence solution that helps FMCGs and Pharmaceutical companies reduce losses and engage consumers directly.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Spill-sat is an oil spill, gas leak, and vandalization detection system.

Simbi Interactives is an ed-tech that uses maieutic learning to solve the problem of poor education in Africa by making quality education available, affordable, and accessible to all African students.


Gradely uses analytics and data-driven recommendations to help schools and parents intervene and help improve childrenโ€™s learning gaps through weekly adaptive homework tests.


Vinsighte provides computer vision and sonar technology, to aid the visually impaired, in navigating, (through a guiding aid), their environment, independently and read books, conveniently and independently.


VNTS is a consumer devices manufacturing and software company. The startup innovates hardware solutions that solves last-inch internet connectivity for Telcos, ISPs & Individuals.

Telecommunications (Hardware)

Appruve is a financial data API, used to identify & verify customers in order to analyze financial transactions with Artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Vetsark is a web-based platform that uses disease report data to predict, prevent and manage disease outbreaks, for the benefit of livestock farmers, veterinarians and public health officials


Quadron Studios is a Virtual Reality safety training solution that prepares enterprise workers for emergency situations by use of immersive virtual training experiences.

Lara uses AI and machine learning to provide commuters with public transportation directions, pricing, and other information.

UP NEPA promotes a joint effort by Nigerians and for Nigerians to monitor the performance of their local power companies.


TREP Labs is a healthcare company that builds low-cost, simple to use, and easily accessible Medical Devices and Software as Medical Device (SaMD) Applications.


Taeillo is a home-fashion brand that specializes in the design, manufacturing and selling of modern African furniture.

FieldInsight is a mobile solution that helps organisations gather relevant data, and manage and monitor field activities through near real-time visualisations.t helps organizations gather relevant data, and manage and monitor field activities through near real-time visualizations.

Riby is a financial technology company that provides a simple financial management platform for cooperatives,groups and their members.


DrugStoc provides hospitals and pharmacies access to genuine pharmaceutical and health care products through a seamless end-to-end procurement platform that enables them to source all medications and medical consumables they need.


Edves has built a tech-enabled platform designed to aid the process of relationship and information management between school authorities, parents/sponsors, educators/teachers, and where applicable, the students themselves.


LifeBank is a healthcare technology and logistics company that facilitates the transport of blood, oxygen and other life-saving medical items to patients in hospitals.


Truppr is a social tool that connects you to events and people around you to help make regular exercise a lifestyle.


BudgIT is a civic startup that liberates budgets and public data from an inactive state into a more engaging format mostly through infographics and interactive application with the aim of improving civic discussion and institutional reform.


Stutern, is an online platform that connects interns with employers with available internship positions. They are an online job board for interns.


Findworka is a platform with a network of pre-vetted professionals that can build software products and extend the engineering teams of ambitious organizations

Software Development

E-Estate is a mobile application that enhances living experiences for residents staying in gated communities, putting convenience at their fingertips.


Doctoora is a health tech startup that provides access to short-term medical facility rentals to doctors looking to start or engage in private practice. Through their platform, consumers have access to see healthcare professionals with a wide variety of healthcare facilities to choose from.


Gricd provides cold chain solutions for the storage, transportation, and monitoring of temperature-sensitive items like blood, vaccines, and more. They are currently serving the healthcare and agriculture sectors in Sub Saharan Africa

Our Impact

Our own version of change

Over 5 years ago we set out to leverage technology to effect social change. Below are a few milestones we have achieved.

โ‚ฆ1 Billion Growth Capital Fund

December 2015, CcHUB launched the CcHUB Growth Capital โ€“ Nigeriaโ€™s first social innovation fund to invest in next-generation infrastructure for change in Nigeria and beyond โ€“ with targeted fund size of over N1Billion over the next 24 months

95+ Ventures Early Stage Venture Support

Through our Incubation unit, we have supported over 95 early stage ventures providing solutions to social problems with technology. Some of these ventures have in turn created over 450 jobs.

CcHUB Pitch Drive From Africa to Europe

In partnership with Google for Entrepreneurs, CcHUB launched PitchDrive, a three-week five-city European tech hub tour across London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Zurich and Paris with the aim to raise โ‚ฌ20M in funding from investors.

GO-GA (GoLabz Goes Africa) Improving studentsโ€™ participation & outcomes in STEM

Along with a consortium of 2 African and 5 European partners, in our quest to improve learning outcomes in STEM across Africa, we secured part-funding from the European Commission totalling 1.5 Million Euros (under the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Funding Scheme).

By adapting the successful Go-Lab Ecosystem, GO-GA will improve studentsโ€™ participation & outcomes in STEM; deploying engaging digital STEM content as well as the capacity development of teachers in modern, effective teaching methods.

GO-GA will pilot in Nigeria, Kenya, and the Republic of Benin, with built-in plans to scale across Africa in 3 years.

NG_HUB by Facebook Deep-tech innovation hub

In partnership with Facebook, we launched NG_HUB in May 2018. The hub is a deep-tech focused innovation lab for entrepreneurs, students, researchers, technologists and other stakeholders building solutions with advanced technologies.

Located in Yaba, it is home to startups in the FbStart Accelerator who are building solutions that leverage Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Internet of Things and Virtual Reality.

re:learn Smart application of technology in education

Through CcHUBโ€™s Education Practice (re:learn), we have delivered world-class STEM education to thousands of students by providing support for the smart application of technology in schools across Nigeria. Our in-school and out-of-school programmes have served to provide students aged 5-18 year with skills and resources relevant to the 21st century.

Over the past 5 years, we have worked with Google, the MacArthur Foundation, Oracle, the Raspberry Pi Foundation, the Ministry of Education amongst others, to deliver quality education at scale.

i-HQ Project Enabling environment to thrive while collaborating

The i-HQ project is helping to build an ‘innovation city’ – a hotspot for creative ventures where all key stakeholders (academics, industry and government) find adequate infrastructure, resources and enabling environment to strive while collaborating. From a vision, a virtual tour was launched to communicate the vision and engage the larger tech community and key stakeholders.

In 2013, CcHUB constituted a consortium of core implementation partners which includes MainOne, Technovision and the Lagos State government.The i-HQ project is home to over 30 technology companies in Yaba.

Yaba Manifesto A framework for a solid startup cluster

On the 23rd of June, 2017, stakeholders of the Yaba technology ecosystem came together to discuss the current state of the ecosystem and share their ideas on actions required to build the ecosystem into a successful one.

At the town hall meeting, it was agreed that if we succeed in building a functional ecosystem in Yaba, it can serve as a template for building other technology clusters across the country and maybe someday, Africa. The seven pillars decided upon include: Culture, Infrastructure, Policy, Talent, Research & Development, Funding and Smart City.