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Design for Health

HealthTech Alumni Spotlight with Teniola Adedeji, Founder, Pharmarun

For decades, public health has relied on traditional methods to tackle widespread health challenges. In recent years, the healthcare industry has witnessed a profound shift propelled by the rise...

2 weeks ago


Jude Feranmi Adejuwon, Practice Lead, HEI Innovation at CcHUB Africaโ€™s narrative as a landscape ripe with opportunity and untapped potential has somewhat remained constant through several economic cycles. With...

2 weeks ago
Press Release

Co-Creation Hub Nigeria Announces Second Cohort of 12 New Start-ups Selected for the Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowshipย 

โ€“ Co-creation Hub Nigeria (CcHUB) today announced the selection of twelve innovative EdTech start-ups to join its second cohort of the Mastercard Foundation EdTech...

3 weeks ago
HEI Innovation at CcHUB

CcHUB Launches Academic Innovators Community of Practice

Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB) is thrilled to announce the launch of the CcHUB Academic Innovators Community of Practice. This initiative aims to bring together academic researchers and innovators passionate about...

4 weeks ago
HEI Innovation at CcHUB

Society’s obsession with plastics vs. concern for our planet

What does the future look like for our planet? Will it continue to bear the cost of our conveniences?  Plastic has  taken center stage in our daily lives, particularly...

April 22, 2024
Press Release

The HEI Innovation Practice at CcHUB announces the HEI Innovation Summit

    The Higher Education Institution (HEI)  Innovation practice at Co-creation Hub is delighted to announce the HEI Innovation Summit taking place in Nairobi Kenya on...

April 19, 2024