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We support individuals and organisations to smartly apply innovation and technology to solve commercial and social problems. We facilitate creative thinking and collaborative problem solving using the smart application of technology. Our knowledge of delivering innovation through a human-centred design approach combined with our expertise of turning ideas into products, then organizations, is at the core of our engagements.

Innovation For A Better Society

We serve as a knowledge platform where organizations can connect and build new skills & competencies to solve local challenges

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Many organisations struggle to conceptualise and find new ideas to address the challenges they are facing. We understand how important it is to play a key role and it is important that we play a role in supporting individuals & and help institutions understand in practical terms what innovation is, why it is important and how to innovate for economic prosperity.

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Capacity Building Workshop For NESIF On Social Innovation

NESIF is an offshoot of the North East Intellectual Entrepreneurship Fellowship (NEIEF) with forty-five (45) young men and women from the North East Region of Nigeria and other parts of the country taken through an intellectual entrepreneurship process, exposing them to key ideas of liberal democracy, free markets, book club activities, policy making, institution building and activism, gender and social inclusion, critical thinking and using social media to share some of their learnings. North Eastern Nigeria has been going through a tough period because of the violence perpetrated by Boko Haram. The impact of their activities on the lives of the average citizen is drastic with millions displaced from their homes and living with the constant threat of death. The poor economic situation and low literacy levels makes the North East a fertile recruiting ground for violent extremist groups. There is need for the indigenes to address the social challenges that make this situation possible. In response to these challenges, we provided support for young people in the North East to co-create innovative solutions to clearly defined social problems the youths face and who have interest in tackling specific social challenges affecting the quality of lives in their communities.

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