Design for Health

We understand and prioritize the role of a human-centered driven approach for developing innovative and relevant healthcare solutions and interventions in the face of a complex and adaptive healthcare system.

Leveraging design for health solutions

"Despite the plethora of interventions and investments that have been made in the healthcare systems across the African continent, health systems are still characterized by a myriad of issues that cut across institutional, human resources, financial, technical and political developments which make them too weak to deliver effective healthcare services for better outcomes. Design for Health seeks to unlock the black box and co-develop targetted interventions which would move the needle."

Why we believe this is important

Our Thinking

"Sub-Saharan Africa has seen some progress in reducing the burden of diseases, however, early death and disability still remain high in many countries compared to other parts of the world.

We are seeking the possibility of spurring innovation in public health and empowering key players in the space to intentionally innovate in order to address some of the challenges seen across the continent.

Through a design thinking approach, we work with key stakeholders within the ecosystem to co-create solutions that leverage technology to address pressing challenges with the objective of improving health outcomes.

Some of our areas of interest include: Epidemiology, health information systems and emerging public health priorities

What we have done

Our Expressions

Epidemiology Designathon

The Design for Epidemiology Designathon was a collaborative project between Co-Creation Hub and Facebook. The project aimed to identify and support tech-enabling health startups (IDEA and MVP) in Nigeria to the development of innovative technology solutions towards curbing disease spread and preventing future occurrences while leveraging Facebook Data for Good. The three (3) day hybrid event was held in mid-October. A total of 12 teams were selected from the hundreds of applications received to participate if was aimed at exploring and leveraging a comprehensive data list from Facebookโ€™s Data for Good Program towards understanding, monitoring, and controlling the spread of diseases in Nigeria. The teams were exposed to various workshops where they learned about Human-Centred Design, Leveraging Facebookโ€™s Data for Good datasets, and Rapid Prototyping. The third day had the teams conclude on their solution and pitch their various solutions to the panel of judges which comprise of representatives from Facebook, the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), eHealth Africa, and CcHUB Startup Support Unit. Two teams emerged winners in both the IDEA category and the MVP category of the Healthcare Startups. Hence, they will be supported with $10,000 and $15,000 respectively from each category. The winning teams for the Idea category include D-Tracker Ltd and Myclinic Ng Ltd, while the winning teams for the MVP category include Healthstack Solutions and the 9th digit Contracting Ltd. They are currently on a three (3) month pilot program to refine their prototypes through iterative testing as well as finetune their business model.

We wish them the very best in the future!

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