Startup Funding

We deploy catalytic capital to high growth companies leveraging technology to solve critical challenges on the African continent.

Our investment vehicles are sector-agnostic allowing us to invest in outliers that are on their path to achieve unprecedented growth in their respective sectors in Africa. We have built significant capacity as an organisation in the following sectors – Public health, Education, Digital security, Governance,  Research and Product development, Finance and Innovation Consulting allowing us to provide support and advisory to our portfolio companies operating in these verticals.

Investing in the Future

We are a platform positioned to solve the challenge of access to funding for amazing founders building digital infrastructure within the African Technology ecosystem.

Why we believe this is important

Our Thinking

We invest in the future of Africa. We know that funding is a critical pillar in the development of the African Technology Ecosystem and we are positioned to help early-stage companies meet their developmental milestones to create the companies for the future.