Case study: the6thfloor Challenge Membership

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On the 13th of June, 2016, we created a new membership model for the 6th floor that could allow for inspiration and support experimentation. We wanted a simple platform that could possibly inspire participation in social innovation and entrepreneurship in the young, naรฏve and purposeful spirit of the community.

We named the new membership model: โ€˜Challenge Membershipโ€™; and made access free for those who were looking to join the CcHUB community.

The Process

Application for challenge membership was done via the6thfloor’s website;ย approval of submitted approach and subsequent invitation to meet with challenge owner was based on feasibility of the approach, concise summary of approach, and, in a few cases, experience on similar โ€˜projectsโ€™.

Each challenge allowed for a specific bounty access points which translated into the duration an approved member could have access to the floor.

CcHUB, re:learn, and, 6 startups in the CcHUB Incubation portfolio (Mamalette, LifeBank, Truppr, Genii Games, GoMyWay, Vacantboards) have so far contributed to the challenge portfolio.

Social Media and articles on tech blogs were used to increase awareness of challenges available and the hashtag #the6thfloor was used on social media to promote the available challenges.

The Outcome

A total of 176 challenge applications were received within 5 months; 32 challenges were submitted by challenge owners (startups); 22 challenges got published on the challenge portal, of which 16 were completed within this period. Also, 25 ‘challenge members’ completed the challenges; 5 of whom were shortlisted for other challenges they subsequently applied for.

Highest skill applied included research, communication, project management and design; least skill applied involved coding.

Upon completion of the challenge (usually after two weeks of resumption), the challenge owner reviews the challenge outcome submitted approves; and signs off on approach.

We got feedback from two ‘Challenge Members’, Emmanuel and ‘Tayo, who worked on two different challenges: Mamalette Challenge (Grow Mamalette community) and CcHUB Student Membership challenge:

Case Study One (1)

1. Case study: Mamalette Challenge: Grow Mamalette community

Here’s what Emmanuel had to say:

Working on the previous Mamalette challenge with my partner on the challenge enabled me to share ideas with other community members. The Mamalette CEO, Mrs Anike Lawal inspired and taught me key things on how startups work.

This challenge encouraged me to research more and think critically to find solutions to not just what I was working on but other areas she might experience challenges in future.

This gave me exposure on how startups work, how to scale, deal with challenges that startups face in their early stages and how to work with others in the community.

Case Study Two (2)

2) Case Study 2: CcHUB Student Membership challenge

Here’s what ‘Tayo had to say:

I can pinpoint two major things I learnt during the last challenge: the ability to synergize different ideas brought to the table and the concept of remodelling an existing idea.

We scrutinised every idea each of us brought to the table after which we were eventually able to put all ideas together which evolved into a good solution.

I also learnt the art of remodelling or innovating on an existing idea. We researched and studied existing organisations that were doing what we wanted to design. It made it easier for us to innovate on this and developed our own structure.

The challenge was a good experience and the brainstorming sessions was an eye opener.

What the startup founders said

“CH 17: Strategy for Marketing Animated Series”

I put up a challenge on strategy for a marketing my animated series and worked with Omozino on the challenge. She provided key marketing strategies for Genii Games series and shared interesting ideas. I can affirm that her work was superb. She also showed enthusiasm about the challenge which featured in our conversations which strengthened our communication flow. Although I am yet to implement the suggestions she shared, once the opportunity comes, I will implement them. – Adebayo Adegbembo, CEO, Genii Games

“CH 22: Mamalette Live 2016 is almost here, what should the media plan look like?”

We encountered some difficulty during the planning of Mamalette Live which we put up as a challenge. Adebayo sent in his approach to the challenge and was shortlisted. I found him to be a very creative thinker because he was able to come up with workable ideas within few minutes to solve my challenges.ย Our communication flow was great despite not being able to meet physically (as he is currently in the US) we were able to communicate via email and Skype. He was always on time and very accommodating.

Our challenge was to increase the numbers of people registering to attend our event (Mamalette Live). After implementing his ideas, our numbers increased to almost 200 sign ups within a short period which was quite good.

Adebayo was quite committed to the challenge, even after initially sharing his ideas, he continued to reach out to know updates of the challenge and offered more ways to help. In all, it was a good one. – ‘Kemi Vaughan, Marketing and Events Executive, Mamalette