CodeCamp Week 3- How Time Flies.

The last 2 weeks have seen our CodeCamp trainees bond into a family and we are sure glad to see them grow that bond even further as they work on teams to deliver on their final projects.

As a followup to their Java training, they picked up Android development skills this week. Github also got more than a fair mention as the crew now work more confidently with this tool. Github hosts both public and private repositories that allow developers to collaborate, review code and manage code for open source and private projects.

On Tuesday, we had the pleasure of hosting the main sponsor of CodeCamp, Paga at our Showcase Tuesday, a fortnight event that allows tech companies, startups and techies to engage the tech community in a demo and Q&A event. We figured you might be interested in the slides, so we put them up here.


Later that day, the team from Paga had a Q&A session with our budding developers on their experiences so far at CodeCamp.


Over the next 5 days, participants were exposed to the following:

  • Activities, Intents, Fragments and Layouts

  • Visual Elements Playground- exploring android visual concepts & widgets

  • Ideas Exchange session

To help our bootcamp participants understand how people are using code to make the world a better place, we headed off to Hotels.Ng where the ebullient Mark answered all the questions that were thrown at him.



Here is what some of our trainees thought of the trip:


Many thanks to Mark Essien for agreeing to host us at short notice.

One more full week before Demo day, where we will draw the curtains on this yearโ€™s edition of CodeCamp. The experience has been exciting. Many thanks to the duo of Caleb and Dami, who are taking our trainees through the basics of Android development.