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Our journey into Namibia began with a mission: to empower individuals to drive societal change through technology. With unwavering dedication, we have invested our time and resources to ensure these changemakers have the tools and support they need to succeed. Since our launch in June 2023, CcHUB Namibia has been at the forefront of accelerating the growth of the local startup ecosystem, fostering entrepreneurship, and driving innovation across Southern Africa. Together, we are shaping a brighter future through the transformative power of technology.

Image by CcHUB Namibia – Visit from World Bank representatives 

Creative Mixers 1.0 and 2.0

The Creative Industry in Namibia is a critical component for preserving cultural heritage, and fostering social development. The CcHUB Creative Mixer events were some of the first of its kind in Namibia, aimed at bringing together entrepreneurs in the creative industry. โ€œThis event was a rare and much needed opportunityโ€ – Johanna Swartbooi Creative mixer participant.

CcHUBโ€™s Creative Mixers offer a unique blend of opportunities, including gaining expert insights, participating in interactive workshops, and building meaningful business networks. Watch highlights from this event here: Creative mixer 

Image By CcHUB Namibia –  participants from the Creative Mixer 2.0

Business 101 for the Artists and Creatives Program

Building on the creative economies potential in Namibia the ‘Business 101’ program, offered an accelerated business program for entrepreneurs in the creative industry. Which brought about new business opportunities for participants who eagerly leveraged on the diversified skill sets present to venture into collaborative business.

One such participant is Daniel Kisimba the co-owner of online Magazine Spotted Magazine who after participating in the program has learned how to verify his sources and create collaborative online posts. 

Image by CcHUB Namibia – participants at Business 101 program

Dev Junctions: 

Our Dev Junctions are our highly anticipated bi-monthly meetups for tech enthusiasts, developers, and IT professionals to come together, share knowledge, and collaborate on projects. 

Each session is facilitated by dynamic industry experts who are actively revolutionizing digital innovation in Namibia. Notable leaders include John Angula, Technical Advisor at Deutsche Gesellschaft fรผr Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH; Audrey Chanakira, Lead iOS Developer at Green Enterprise Solutions (Pty) Ltd; and Tatenda Akirina Malunga, Digital Transformation and Business Support Manager at Letshego Namibia.

If you have an interest in software development, coding languages, emerging technologies or industry trends you can be a part of our Dev Junctions by joining our community mailing list to receive updates on these events. LINK 

Image by CcHUB Namibia – Dev Junction participants receiving certificates of program completion 

Data Science for Impact: 

The Data Science for Impact program equipped students with hands-on training to leverage data analytics for the greater good. Each student enrolled seeking to use data sets to address challenges facing the country. โ€œThe assignments that we got during the fellowship helped me put the theory into practice and begin visualizing what the data was showing and it was very interesting to me to start understanding the data. The program has helped me gain valuable skills I can use anywhere else in the future.โ€-Tobias Mika Data Science Program participant

Through a series of workshops, hackathons, and project-based learning experiences, participants learned how to collect, analyze, and interpret data to make informed decisions and drive positive change in their communities. 

Image by CcHUB Namibia – Data Science students 

Startup Mixer: 

The not to be missed Startup Mixers, are casual networking events designed to bring together aspiring entrepreneurs, seasoned professionals, investors, and mentors in a relaxed and informal setting. 

Here we provide the opportunity and fun activities that help entrepreneurs share their ideas, pitch their ventures, and seek advice from experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts. .

Image by CcHUB Namibia – Startup Mixer participants 

Mental Health Workshop: 

At CcHUB, we are committed not only to fostering the adoption of digital innovation but also to supporting the well-being of the entrepreneurs within our community. Diemut Amushila owner at Neurobloom Psychology Practice joined us for an informative Mental health workshop held during Mental health awareness month in March. 

Her session focused on raising awareness, reducing stigma, and promoting mental well-being among entrepreneurs and professionals in the startup ecosystem. The workshop was an open platform to discuss the effects of burnout and how to create that all important  work-life balance. 

Image by CcHUB Namibia – Participants at Mental Health Workshop

Storytelling Event: 

โ€œStories are the lifeblood of businesses. They connect brands to their audiences, convey values, and inspire action.โ€ –Meike Neitz’s Founder of Embassidy and our facilitator at the insightful session on “Understanding the Anatomy of Storytelling for Pitch Success’ ‘ event

Participants enthusiastically took turns crafting a compelling narrative and shared them with fellow participants in hopes of creating stories that resonate with their target audience and effectively communicate their brand story, values, and vision. After which a feedback session to help participants refine their storytelling skills and connect with customers, investors, and stakeholders on a deeper level.

Image by CcHUB Namibia -Meike Neitz’s Founder of Embassidy 

HEI Demo Day: 

The Uninnovators Startup in Residency program provided six student teams from Namibian universities with an invaluable opportunity to engage in a cross-country exchange in Berlin, Germany, and showcase their innovations at the HEI Innovation Summit in Nairobi, Kenya. This experience rapidly accelerated their startups from ideation to registered business ventures.

Each team creating tangible solutions for the good of the Namibian population;

Medilink Namibia is working towards tech enabled data capture for medical professionals in Namibia.

Mepya Agro is an agritech startup looking to connect farmers across Namibia to their customers for an authentic farm to plate experience.

Fit for Consumptionโ€™s rapid water testing system can deliver real time water quality results revolutionizing access to safe drinking water for all Namibians.

Persuasive mHealth is working on cutting down long wait times by streamlining how medical professionals communicate, collect data and schedule follow up appointments.

AI Seeds team is seeking to solve food insecurity across Namibia by significantly improving farmers crop yield by creating better access to rain patterns.

Hear more about the startup’s journeys  here

Image by CcHUB Namibia – Uninnovator student participants at Demo Day

Ecosystem week in Namibia 

Our passion for growing and enabling Namibia’s innovation and entrepreneurship landscape inspired a week-long adventure into the heart of the Namibian ecosystem. CcHUB Managing Partner, Oluwaseun ADEPOJU, and Jude ADEJUWON, CcHUB Practice Lead for Higher Education Innovation (HEI), joined the CcHUB Namibia team for a series of exciting events aimed at boosting collaboration and innovation across Namibia.

The highlight of the week was the Human-Centered Design (HCD) workshop, led by Oluwaseun ADEPOJU. This hands-on session focused on empathy, ideation, and rapid prototyping, sparking creative solutions among participants.

The visiting CcHUB team also connected with local startups, innovation hubs, and government ministries to identify challenges and opportunities for collaboration and support. 

The week concluded with a thrilling public sector Hackathon, where teams competed to present innovative solutions to pressing social challenges. The winning teams earned a spot in a four-month Pre-Incubation Program, setting the stage for future success.

Watch our interview about Ecosystem week here: Interview 

Image by CcHUB Namibia -Namibian Startup Meetup as part of Ecosystem week


As we reflect on our journey since January 2023, CcHUB Namibia stands proud as a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and progress in the Namibian entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem. From our grand opening in June 2023 to the remarkable growth and interest in our initiatives, we have witnessed a transformative year.

As we celebrate our anniversary, we look forward to continuing this journey of innovation and impact. CcHUB Namibia remains committed to fostering creativity, driving meaningful change, and shaping the narrative of technology-driven progress in Namibia. Here’s to another year of growth, collaboration, and transformative initiatives.

Thank you to all our partners, participants, and supporters for making this year a resounding success. Together, we are creating a brighter, more innovative future for Namibia and beyond.

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