Fostering Collaboration for Innovation in Edo State: Government, Industry, and Academia (GIA) Plan to Strengthen the Innovation Ecosystem in Edo State

On the 30th of January 2024, Edo State witnessed an exclusive landmark event aimed at catalyzing collaboration and innovation across government, industry, and academia. Facilitated by HEI Innovation Practice at CcHUB and Edo Innovates, the Triple Helix Intervention brought together stakeholders from diverse sectors to co-design a framework using a human-centered approach, fostering collaboration and identifying pilot initiatives for immediate implementation. It is an essential component of the DigiLink Project supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundationโ€™s โ€œStrengthening the digital solutions ecosystem of Edo State Governmentโ€ initiative.

Image by CcHUB: Attendees present during the Edo State Triple Helix Intervention project, featuring the Permanent Secretary Transformation Office Edo State Dr Joy Akigbe.

The event attracted a vibrant mix of participants, including government officials, industry leaders, and academia. Their shared enthusiasm and commitment to advancing Edo State’s innovation ecosystem set the stage for intensive dialogue and co-creation of a framework for collaboration within the triple helix.

Image by CcHUB: Open dialogue to discover challenges faced by the Government, Industry, and Academia stakeholders.

Guided by principles of human-centered design, participants engaged in interactive sessions and breakout discussions tailored to their respective sectors. From exploring challenges in research and technology commercialization that address critical challenges in the state to identifying opportunities for industry-government collaboration for public sector innovation and citizen needs, every conversation was fueled by a collective determination to drive positive change.

Image by CcHUB: The stakeholders having open discussion to understand the opportunities and gaps within the triple helix sectors.

As the event drew to a close, it became evident that the Triple Helix Intervention had achieved one of its intended outcomes – bringing stakeholders together and setting the stage for constant communication and collaboration. Notable successes included the fostering of cross-sectoral networking opportunities, the emphasis on human-centered design principles, and the establishment of a framework for future collaboration initiatives.

Image by CcHUB: HEI practice lead Jude Adejuwon and Executive Director Edo Innovate Asemota Izoduwa Precious leading the cross stakeholder collaboration session.

Looking ahead, the momentum generated by the Triple Helix Intervention holds immense promise for Edo State’s innovation journey. By leveraging the collective expertise and resources of government, industry, and academia, stakeholders are poised to tackle complex challenges and unlock new opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Image by CcHUB: Attendees co-creating solutions to identified challenges in the triple helix sectors.

One notable insight echoed by many stakeholders, including Professor Spenser from Igbinedion University, Edo State, is the significance of this collaborative triple helix event. Professor Spenser stressed the importance of recurring gatherings to underscore the value of collaboration. He highlighted the critical role of Human-Centered Design (HCD) in co-creating solutions for Edo State’s bright future.

Image by CcHUB: Picture of Participant

In the words of Jude Adejuwon, “The Triple Helix Intervention is just the beginning. By working together and embracing a spirit of collaboration, we can harness the power of innovation to build a brighter future for Edo State and beyond.”

Image by CcHUB: Jude Adejuwon HEI Practice lead