Introducing akiliPoll โ€“ a Civic Start-up with a big ambition

Meet the latest Civic start-up from Co-creation Hub Nigeria; akiliPoll.

akiliPoll isย a social platform focused on enlightening a new crop of Civic Actors to drive Africaโ€™s Growth through fact-based conversations. The start-up will deploy far-reaching tools in collating & presenting facts and engaging the average citizens on socio-economic and political issues through the:

  • Design, development and administration of socio-economic and political polls aimed at gathering insights and intelligence on citizenโ€™s perception and understanding of key governance issues
  • Analysis, presentation and dissemination of insights gathered to broaden citizens perspectives on governance and social accountability in their society
  • Engagement of citizens through conversations structured around the presented facts to elicit deeper interest in governance thus converting passive citizens to active citizens and ultimately spurring citizens to take informed actions
  • Building partnerships with civil society organizations and other non-state actors to build on knowledge garnered through the platforms in accelerating transparency and accountability across Africa.

With an ambitious goal of running 2 polls/ quarter, akiliPollโ€™s first poll is already generating interest in diverse quarters. โ€œMy Welfare โ€“ Nigerianโ€ aims to assess the gap between national prosperity and individual welfare in Nigeria.

Check out their platform:ย http://akilipoll.com/ย and help spark the conversation by taking the poll (5 multiple choice questions).

You can also show your support by liking their Facebook:ย http://www.facebook.com/Akilipollย and follow them on twitter:ย @akiliPoll.

Letโ€™s pull together to โ€œMake All Voices Countโ€ for a better and inclusive Africa.


โ€˜Bosun Tijani (CEO and Co-founder, Co-Creation Hub Nigeria)