Showcase Tuesday September 03

Showcase Tuesday provides an interactive platform for members of the CcHUB community with a prototype or product to demo their solutions to a like-minded audience from our growing tech community.

Showcasing teams will have 15 minutes to highlight:

•             Pain points that their solution addresses

•             Development Tools

•             Brief profile of their team

•             What the future holds


Showcase Tuesday aims

•             To encourage doers to receive feedback from like-minded people from both a business and technology point of view

•             To provide a platform to look at your product/ solution through the eyes of other people

•             Help receive feedback that may be critical in the iteration of your prototype or solution as it finds its best route to market

•             To stand a chance to be considered for pre-incubation and attract possible funding from CcHUB partner organisations

Join us on at 3:00pm, September 03 as Rabiu Musa Showcases DataInterakt, a platform that focuses on the extractive industry and other related governance issues in Nigeria providing change agents, simple and adequate information that can drive transparency and participatory governance.