Strengthening Innovation Capacities: A Reflection on the Edo State Innovation Ecosystem Stakeholders Ambition Co-creation Workshop

The two-day Stakeholders Ambition Co-creation Workshop, held by CcHub and Edo Innovates on November 15 and 16, 2023, was a compelling demonstration of collaboration and common goal for the Edo State Innovation Ecosystem. The workshop represented the goals and aspirations of the actors and networks of the ecosystem and was an essential component of the DigiLink Project supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s “Strengthening the digital solutions ecosystem of Edo State Government” initiative. It was a convergence to jointly shape the future of the Edo state Innovation Ecosystem, not just a meeting of stakeholders.

There was an air of tangible expectation in the room as the stakeholders gathered and the workshop brought together a wide range of participants from the Edo State Technology and Innovation Ecosystem. It was intentionally designed to support the collaborative development of concepts and resolutions for capacity building and ecosystem strengthening. The goal of the workshop, which had various attendees, which included tech enthusiasts, government leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, hub founders, organizers of the tech community, lawyers, and startup founders, was to put the Edo State Innovation ecosystem on an upward trajectory in terms of capacities and advancement.

The dynamic character of the ecosystem that the workshop sought to strengthen was reflected in its design.  As participants examined the opportunities and limitations that define the ecosystem, aspirational conversation resounded throughout the room. The interactive  sessions that encouraged participants to share their viewpoints, personal experiences, and future goals exemplified the dedication to collaborative co-creation. The diversity of perspectives highlighted the ecosystem’s distinctiveness and demonstrated the intricate and multifaceted nature of innovation. Each attendee made a substantial contribution to the multitude of ideas that emerged over the course of the two days, ranging from community-based endeavors to government-initiated projects designed to advance the state’s innovation sector.

There was a general feeling of optimism in the room as people considered the results of their joint efforts. Entrepreneurs saw ways to grow their businesses, and educators saw a future where innovation is a fundamental part of education. The optimism stretched beyond the workshop’s walls and signaled at the significant prospects that the state as a whole would soon enjoy.

To sum up, the Stakeholders Ambition Co-creation Workshop demonstrated the inherent potential of the Edo State Technology and Innovation Ecosystem, surpassing its purpose as a mere occasion. Those two days sparked conversations on opportunity, anticipation, and optimism that will not fade but instead lay the groundwork for a digital renaissance in the state. As we reflect on this profound experience, may we uphold the cooperative spirit and utilize the ecosystem’s collective potential to usher in a new era of boundless innovation.