Valuable Insights from CcHUB Edtech Festival – Future of Learning

The CcHUB EdTech Festival, held on September 23, 2023, in Lagos, Nigeria, was an event focused on the exploration of the Future of Learning. The event showcased the immense potential of the EdTech industry to promote growth in the education sector.

The festival took place against the backdrop of a growing EdTech industry, which is expected to have remarkable growth. According to Statista, the EdTech sector is projected to reach a staggering market volume of $6 million by 2027, driven by an impressive annual growth rate of 9.32%. This meteoric rise reflects the increasing recognition of technology’s transformative role in education.

The CcHUB EdTech Festival served as a catalyst for transformative progress in Nigeriaโ€™s education sector. It brought together a diverse array of visionaries including learners, parents, teachers, ed-tech entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts, all sharing a common goalโ€”to shape the future of learning. This collaborative spirit was the heartbeat of the event, fostering an environment where ideas flowed freely, innovations were showcased, and partnerships were forged.

The Festival featured EdTech startups that exhibited their products and offered services in booths giving participants hands-on experience aimed at driving the adoption of educational technology innovations. In addition to the featured startups, participants also got the chance to dive into the immersive worlds of robotics, virtual reality and witness the magic of 3D printing that is changing the game in education.

Masterclasses with EdTech Experts were also hosted to provide insightful perspectives into pressing issues in the field of education including digital literacy and the future of learning. As expert-led masterclasses empowered the audience with the knowledge and skills to navigate the EdTech landscape, the much anticipated EdTech Product Exhibitions, showed off the best of our EdTech startups such as the award-winning start-up โ€˜Kunda Kidsโ€™, โ€˜Sabiteachโ€™ and โ€˜Schoolinkaโ€™ to mention a few whose products promote the inclusion of emerging tech innovations into the education industry.ย 

The eventโ€™s reading corners provided quiet and peaceful spaces for families and students to immerse themselves in the world of books and stories. The festivals STEM and Coding Demos had hands-on and captivating demonstrations that made science, technology, engineering, and mathematics come alive.

In closing, re:lean and CcHUB extend our sincere gratitude to all the parents, students, educators, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts who honored us with their presence at this event. We deeply appreciate your participation in this journey through the latest and most transformative innovations in education technology. Your engagement underscores our shared commitment to reshaping classrooms and steering the course of future learning.

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