Artisans and Makers Access to Market Program: Now Open for Applications!

Artisans and makers in Africa face a significant challenge in reaching their full potential due to limited access to market facilities. This obstacle hinders their ability to reach the critical mass of their target market, leading to poor sales, low revenue, and stunted business growth that can ultimately result in the closure or collapse of the business.

One of the key ways to help artisans and makers gain visibility is by supporting them with platforms and digital solutions that create a visibility channel to enhance their sales. By providing an avenue for these creative minds to showcase their skills and reach a broader audience, they can significantly improve their sales and revenue potential.

With this in mind, the Creative Economy Practice at CcHUB has teamed up with Taeillo to launch the “Artisans, and Makers Access to Market” program. The program aims to facilitate new market opportunities for artisans and makers by providing them with an E-commerce platform where they can sell their products, expand their visibility, boost sales and grow their businesses. The program will empower participants with essential skills, networks, and resources to help them leverage market opportunities to the fullest.

Why should you apply for this programme? 

The programme will provide access to the following benefits: 

  • Capacity building related to helping participants access more markets and customers. 
  • Increased sales and distribution through wider customer visibility and patronage via the Taeillo E-commerce platform. 
  • Access to new networks of makers that may lead to new collaborations.
  • Opportunity for export to international markets.
  • Tapping into Taeillo’s Pay with Flexi – (instalment payment)

Who is eligible to apply? 

  1. Artisans and Makers of the following products: Lamps, Carpets, Mirror,  Planters and Plants(Natural and Artificial), Wall Art / Minimalist Art Frames, Candles Diffusers and Home Fragrances, Kitchen Wares, Baskets and Fabrics 
  2.  The artisan/ maker should be based in Lagos, Nigeria or Nairobi, Kenya.
  3.  Products will need to be of good quality and produced with locally sourced materials. 

If you are a maker that meets the eligibility criteria listed, kindly fill out the application form to be considered to be a part of the programme. Please access the application form here: http://bit.ly/C-AProgram 

For more information, reach out to us at info@cchubcreativeeconomy.africa