PRESS RELEASE: Paulesi Incubation Center of Excellence Hosts STEM Showcase for Students in Ibadan

On Saturday (11th September 2021), Cocreation Hub (CcHub) in Collaboration with the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Pan African University Institute of Life and Earth Sciences including Health and Agriculture (PAULESI) put together a STEM showcase. The showcase was held at the University of Ibadan Distance Learning Center and attracted 110 students (aged 10-16 years) from public and private schools across Ibadan, in commemoration of the 2021 African Union Day.

At the event, the students had hands-on experience and group work activities in 3D Modelling, Robotics, Design Lab, Scratch Programming, Physical Computing and Embedded System.

One of the students, Aanuoluwapo Okuneye, a JS3 student of UCH Staff School had this to say; โ€œI learned about crafts and other robotics that can be made with scraps at home, thereby recycling what was initially a waste. I learned how wind energy turns to mechanical and how solar energy can be used to power appliancesโ€.

Similarly, Micheal Oladunjoye, a Pry 6 pupil of Rolis Intโ€™l School said he aspired to be a Physicist and the event has further stirred his interest in STEM.

The programme also featured a training session for teachers who came with their wards. They were engaged in an interactive discussion on effective ways to impart knowledge on STEM to students during and outside classroom activities. The capacity development session was facilitated by the Relearn Team at CcHub, with the aim of achieving a ripple effect of the exhibition on how STEM lessons are taught to students in Ibadan.

The Director of PAULESI, Professor Titilayo Akinlabi, a professor of Mechanical Engineering spoke about the event. In her words; โ€œwe have just organised a STEM showcase event in collaboration with CcHub, the idea of the event was birthed from a strong desire to give back to the community on the 11th of September in commemoration of the African Union Day that is celebrated on the 9th of September. This is part of the vision of the Pan African University to raise leaders and have people in STEM fields. It will be a worthwhile experience to catch them youngโ€.

The event is the first of many community engagements to be led by the Paulesi Incubation Center of Excellence; a state-of-the-art center, funded by the African Development Bank, that leverages private sector and academic network, to inspire ground-breaking innovation that will foster Pan-african Ideals and the development of Africa.

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