Social Change Lab for Health: Shortlisted Ideas

After 11 weeks of activities which included a problem enquiry process (survey and 3 live webcast), a stakeholders session to identify priority areas and an open call for ideas to use technology to address these priority areas, we received an amazing 40 tech-based ideas.

These ideas have been narrowed down to 12 solid solutions — 6 GrowIT and 6 BuildIT — which include:

BuildIT Solutions

e-HEALTH INSURANCE SOLUTION: a web/mobile based platform that provides a fast and easy way for people to subscribe to health insurance solution.

SAVEMAMA SAVEPIKIN: a mobile app that provide much needed information on ante โ€“ and post natal care, check-ups and general childcare as well as immunization and vaccination reminders.

MOBILE LABORATORY SERVICE DELIVERY: aย medical records application that virtually provides you and your healthcare provider with your medical records i.e. a mobile wallet for medical records.

MY CLINIC: a platform that seeks to deploy a number of micro-practices run by one or two medical personnel across urban and rural areas to serve communities which have poor access to quality primary healthcare.

MOBILE HEALTHCARE HOTLINE (MH2): a phone-based platform that brings medical professionals to everyday Nigerian citizens at no cost, as well as direct people to where they can locate and access specialised care.

NAIJA247MEDIC: a dedicated free health service platform that provides medical advisory/counselling services as well as health education/enlightenment.

GrowIT Solutions

OMOWUNMI: a mobile and web based application that sends messages (voice calls and text messages) to expectant and new mothers on ante-and post natal care.

MEDIC DIMENSION: a mobile/web-based platform that seeks to connect medical practitioners, medical vendors and the general public to engage in thought provoking discussions, share information on best practices as well as on products and services that will ignite an insatiable craving for positive medical change.

MEDITELL: a platform that allows hospitals to use SMS to remind their patients to take their drugs.

CLINIXE: a complete, user friendly web-based hospital information management software designed to enable Health-care providers manage their in-house information with a focus on their Insurance and HMO operations.

FIND-A-MED: a location based mobile application that allows you find the nearest health center around you and also stores your basic health information in case of an emergency.

CANCER MOBILE APP: a mobile app that will help deepen peopleโ€™s knowledge and awareness on cancer at the push of a button. The application will provide users with timeless facts and information to help prevent and manage Breast and Cervical cancer.

Next Steps

In the coming weeks, CcHub with input from industry experts will be providing assistance on the improvement of all shortlisted ideas. In the case of the BuildIT ideas, we will provide support to build a first prototype of the solutions.

Success solutions will qualify for the opportunity to pitch for a pre-seed grant of $5,000 from the Tony Elumelu Foundation to start implementation or to scale.

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About Social Change Lab for Health

Social Change Lab for Health is an initiative to stimulate the development and scaling up of technology solutions to improve healthcare delivery in Nigeria.