Introducing ‘the Catalyst’

All across Africa, there has been a wave of new ideas, innovative business models and pioneer technologies emerging at an increasingly rapid rate. From all corners of the continent, this embrace of novel ways of thinking has brought forth fresh approaches to tackling challenges, giving rise to a new wave of trailblazers who are driving change and solving problems on an unprecedented scale.

So, we asked ourselves, how can we contribute to this forward march to the future, how can we spark the fires of change? How can we accelerate the adoption of this new way of life? Thus the โ€œCatalystโ€ was born. As the name suggests, we see ourselves as drivers spurring development – the quote unquote catalysts creating a platform through which collaboration can emerge and flourish, not just in the niches we operate in, but the greater Pan-African ecosystem. Our goal is to galvanize a new wave of innovation accelerating the application of knowledge sharing, learning, technology, as well as applying new and continued social capital, all in service of economic growth.

It is universally agreed that businesses need to innovate in order to adapt to changing times, stay ahead of competitors, not to mention avoiding the risk of becoming obsolete. Therefore, as entrepreneurs and businesses work to remain relevant to its customers and competitive in global markets – from the early-stage start-ups to the veteran multinationals – they all must actively work to incorporate industry best practices; and that’s what the catalyst seeks to address.

We intend for the catalyst to be a monthly event series, which will be highly curated across all regions and practices to ensure growth in the communities. The series will be characterized by topical, inclusive, diverse, thought-provoking panel discussions that will provide a platform for advanced thought leadership. An avenue to discuss the industry best practices in specific verticals. The target audience will also be as diverse as the topics we intend to delve into, from professionals & experts in their fields, entrepreneurs, founders, investors, consultants, NGOs, corporate executives to international business and government leaders.

We want to use this platform to offer insight relevant on a pan-African scale, derived from a panel made up of a mix of startups & corporates, experts, early-stage to later stage. And to make this conversation more accessible to an even greater extent, all these Catalytic conversations will be turned into audio podcasts, thereby serving as a repository for future change makers to benefit from. Our goal is that this event series will, hopefully, give rise to innovations across a multitude of sectors; from smart infrastructure, governance, fintech, education, digital security, health and well-being and so many more, across CcHUB, iHub and Design Lab. So, we urge you to Anticipate the catalyst.

Join us for the maiden edition of the Catalyst:

Topic: How can we drive innovations for a better future through technology?


  1. Olabinjo Adeniran, the Co-Founder of Future Africa
  2. Solomon Ayodele, the Head of Innovation at ALAT by Wema
  3. Ayo Michael Olufemi, the Director of Technology and Innovation at LifeBank Global
  4. Damilola Teidi, the Director of Startup Support at CcHUB.

Date: 23rd June 2022
Time: 12PM – 2PM WAT
Venue: 294 Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba